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  5. vtrevinojr said: Which model Leica do you use? If you have multiple which is your favorite? Do you shoot digital as well? Thanks

    For a non-metered Leica I’m partial to the m4. I consider it the best of the M cameras. For a metered M, I prefer the M5 over the M6 and M7, although the M7 is nice when you want AE. I also love the M2, which, if you can find a decent example, is really the best bet for a reasonably priced M.

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  15. Selfies, 2013

    I’ve been taking a picture of myself on each roll of film I shoot. I’ve been doing it since 1971, originally to to record the camera/lens combination I use.

    But it’s taken on a life of its own. Windows, mirrors, whatever. Some of my favorite photos are these throw away self portraits. I know its egotistical and narcissistic, but you only go around once. Best to leave some record of who you were.